Will be posting more images from this styled shoot next week – this is one of my all-time favourite images. This is exactly the reason I shoot film – flawless, luminous skin every time – oh a great makeup artist helps as well, TF Makeup.

Contax 645 Fuji 400H RPL

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Oh my goodness! I love it!

This is perfect!

wendy laurel

WOW… flawless is right

she glows!

Flawless indeed!

Those red lips! Perfection.

BAM! Commanding shot! 🙂

Ooooo beautimous!!

WOW. This is amazing!

oh MY!!!! i am blown away, this is truly stunning!! can’t wait to see more, jodi!

those lips are insane – love red on film!!


Thanks so much ladies.

wow. wow. wow.

HELLO GORGEOUS!!! This is the money shot!


oh she is so so pretty! Gorgeous shot!

truly flawless!


so great!