Simply the Best

I am pleased to present the amazing Bodhi (she is a wee bump here & here). She really didn’t want to play and young Kai gave me a 2 minute window. Happy to say of all the 13 exposures & 2 minutes I got 100%. Yes not even 1 entire roll of 120 film but I must say these are divine, all 13 frames. Marina’s second home is on my blog but if you haven’t seen her previous shoots look here & here – she loves it here and I love having her (& the family)! These were taken on their gorgeous property at Agnes Water in July – thank you so much for having us. Oh and who looks that good with a newborn…….

Contax 645 Fuji 400H RPL

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toni raper

awesome work under pressure! It should be illegal to look this good after giving birth! I am just loving your work at the moment Jodi!!!

Delicious tones, beautiful images Jodi.

Love them! Another lot to absolutely treasure. Such a special time in our lives. THANK YOU XXXXX

Fitzroy on Film

Love love love Melbourne – to visit that is – hard to pick a better place to live than the Sunshine Coast. But we certainly don’t have the character and architecture of Melbourne and Fitzroy offers the best of the quirky quaint and just plain cool….. All shot on my Contax G2 with portra 400

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Beautiful Jodi, makes me miss melbourne so bad

Oh the memories. Beautifully captured Jodi!

Karen Buckle on Film

So honoured to be asked to shoot a fellow photographer and Karen Buckle of all people! Beautiful person who shoots gorgeous images. So here are a few of the different ‘faces’ of this gorgeous girl – hard to pick a favourite….. oh and film loves her don’t you agree.

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Polly knight

Could you tell me where this dress is from in these beautiful pics of karen, would be perfect for my bridesmaids?

Many thanks

toni raper

what girl wouldn’t want photographs like this? pretty, light & beautiful portraits Jodi!!!