Getting Ready – Sheraton Noosa

Love the getting ready part of the day – especially love it when captured on High Speed Black & White film – gorgeous glow.

Canon EOS3 Ilford 3200 RPL

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I don’t shoot this film enough!! I love your images and the brides dress.

Ahhhhhhh I LOVE this film! Your pictures are gorgeous and capture the gorgeousness of getting ready so perfectly!

That. Grain. These are timeless, Jodi. Stunning and timeless.

these are absolutely stunning!! the beading on the back of that dress is incredible!

The back of that dress is stunning! Beautiful grain with this film. It’s so soft and lovely.

SO beautiful!! & I couldn’t agree more; getting ready + bw film = amazing!

Love me some Ilford! so lovely!!1

These are absolutely stunning, Jodi! Love!

dreamy! I LOVE Ilford 3200!!

wendy laurel

really nice. this is my favorite time of the day too.

Oh my gorgeousness. I love the grain, the composition, the bride!!!

I love Ilford so much! These images are so beautiful & I just love the back of the bride’s dress!

What a beautiful bride!!! i love how soft these images are

My favorite film too! These are gorgeous! Like paintings!

I love shooting with Ilford 3200! Great work!

So soft and lovely<3

That dress is just amazing! I love that quiet hecticness of the getting ready, all that nervousness. These are so quiet. And that grain! So yummy.

Oh I love this film! Yummy grain! That dress looks incredible as well!

My favorite film! I love all of these, especially the second to last one of that amazing dress!

Coolum + Boat Shed Restaurant Wedding

Trying to catch up on blogging – this sweet wedding from last year was gorgeous in it’s simplicity. Penny’s sister made both the bridesmaids dress’s – with bow’s featured with all three girls – as well as the flowers.  Style Le Aisle styled both the ceremony (Coolum Lookout) and reception at the fabulous Boat Shed Restaurant. Happiest couple who glided blissfully through the day. Exactly how a wedding should be. Thanks so much Penny & Steve for the pleasure of capturing your day.

Contax 645 Fuji 400H Tri-X 400


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very romantic photos 🙂

oh WOW.. so pretty! love the ocean, the wind, the bride… you did an amazing job on this wedding.. I LOVE how the film looks and I LOVE how you shoot!

These are so gorgeous! What an amazing place to get married!

Oh my goodness. I love everything about this wedding. The photos are amazing. Jodi you are so talented!

WOW!!! Your execution of this wedding is beyond perfect. Such beautiful people and beautiful exposures!!!

Wow! What lovely style this bride had. I absolutely loved her dress as well as her bridesmaids’ dresses. The location is breathtaking too! Great job.

simply lovely!

Wow! great taste, great dresses, great scenery and a result of a great wedding captured by a great photographer!

And Let Me Joy With You!

Love when I have a few frames left to play with. Using my macro rings. Contax 645 Fuji 400H

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Beautiful! Those macro rings take some getting used to, but when you do, it’s amazing!

oh, i love these!! macro shots are some of my favorites <3 so beautiful!

Gorgeous photos! Love the colors!

The tones in these images are so gorgeous!

Very nice

Marcie Lynn

These are beautiful!

So lovely! That silver tray is darling!

So pretty!

Stunning work!

I love the palette of these! Beautiful!

Love that gold rimmed glass!

so inspiring.. I always forget to use those macro rings for anything but ring shots… this is gorgeous

The tones in these are lovely Jodi!!

Very pretty & those tomatoes look delicious! 🙂

these are just beautiful!!!